April 1 Seminar – “What Happened to MY Country?”

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 from 9a-2p
The Bridge Ministry, 3054 Dixie Hill Road, Buckingham, VA  23921
America Transformation Company (ATC) develops and supports local grassroots organizations.  By recognizing America’s founding principles, describing when (1859) and how (progressivism) those values were corrupted, each “company” will understand that a long term strategy with short term measurable successes, beginning at the local community level, is necessary.  By adapting and tailoring these simple techniques to best address your county’s needs, localities in VA can be significantly changed by December 2019. Join with other like-minded Christians and conservatives from across the state on April 1st in Buckingham County and learn how you can partner with ATC to transform your community, state, and nation.  $15 fee covers lunch.  Hosted by Pastor William Washington, Bridge Ministry Founder, Instructed by Pastor Travis Witt ATC Coordinator.

For more info, contact Pastor Travis Witt @ 540-761-0386 or traviswitt@usa.com

Click here for the flier.       Click here for audio of Travis Witt interview

Congressman Tom Garrett Town Hall

On March 31 5th District Congressman Tom Garrett is holding a Town Hall on the UVA Campus in Charlottesville.  The seats will be allotted by lottery.  Details on how to sign up for the lottery will be provided soon.  Whether or not you “win the lottery” and get one of the limited number of seats, plan to attend with you Trump and Garrett signs to show support, both in side the Town Hall and outside.  Parking is being arranged at a campus lot some distance away and there will be a shuttle to get you as close as possible to the Town Hall but it will still require walking some distance and there will be steps.  Wear comfortable shoes.  To arrange a car pool call 434-392-8604.

FreedomWorks Day of Action

There will be NO SVTPP meeting in March.  The following events are VERY important.  We encourage you to attend these events and in April attend our Economic Literacy Seminar that will be announced in a few weeks.

FreedomWorks Day of Action
If you have been following the news out of Washington, you know how important it is for our Congressmen and Senators to boldly stand for a healthcare repeal and free market replacement.  Tom Garrett spoke at the 5th District Republican Committee meeting on Saturday of his intention to stand firm for a complete replacement.  He also told of the unpublicized work being done to slash regulation by the House.  This is a critical time to encourage lawmakers like Tom Garrett to continue to represent our views and to push ahead with the bold agenda of President Trump.  We also need to let Tim Kaine and Mark Warner know that we want them to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.   FreedomWorks is holding a nationwide Day of Action Rally on March 15 that will feature some of our favorite true conservatives to inform and inspire then will feature time to visit our Representatives’ and Senators’ offices.  They will even provide buses to get us there.  Here is the link to their registration information.

Register on the Facebook page about this event.