Oct. 16 – Tea Party Meeting – Rights of Citizens

7 pm at the Charlotte CH Municipal Building at 350 George Washington Hwy in Charlotte CH.

Get educated on the Constitution, how Grand Juries work, our rights as citizens and how to keep these rights BEFORE the meeting. Go to www.nationallibertyalliance.org and check out the many resources available under the tab “Essays/Lectures”.   There is an excellent FREE course on the Constitution as well as many lectures and essays.  You can download a copy of the free Constitution Course here.

At the Oct.16 Meeting, Curtis Nix will be speaking about what our rights are as citizens and how to keep from losing these rights to an ever-growing big government.
You can now listen to NLA’s Monday, Thursday, and Saturday programming streaming live from http://shakeandwakeradio.com/ 

One thought on “Oct. 16 – Tea Party Meeting – Rights of Citizens

  1. Introduction

    One day you woke up and realized something was wrong with America, you started puzzling it together, and you decided to do something about it, so you joined a liberty group to try and fix it.

    1.You went to meetings, but that didn’t work.
    2.You wrote letters, but that didn’t work.
    3.You waved signs, but that didn’t work.
    4.You went to rally’s, but that didn’t work.
    5.You went to town hall meetings, but that didn’t work.
    6.You went to your state capital, but that didn’t work.
    7.You went to Washington, but that didn’t work.
    8.You signed petitions, but that didn’t work.
    9.You helped others get elected, but that didn’t work.
    10.You signed up to seek relief in court, but that didn’t work.
    11.You got political, but that didn’t work.
    12.You’ve run out of political things to do, so you do it “ALL” over again, and again, but that still doesn’t work.

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