Virginia Republican Convention Chooses a Winning Team- Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain

In an enthusiastic and boisterous Richmond Coliseum on May 17-18 Republicans nominated a team the Richmond-Times Dispatch said “cements the Tea Party’s takeover of the state GOP apparatus.”  With Ken Cuccinelli for governor to enthusiastic support from all parts of the Party, Sen. Mark Obenshain for Attorney General was added after the first ballot when Del. Rob Bell withdrew his bid in a demonstration of unity.  The Lt. Governor candidate needed four ballots to determine the winner from the seven contenders. This was a long drawn out process as each ballot required about two hours to process. In the end, E. W. Jackson won in a surprise upset victory as the crowd was obviously moved by his strong oratory and emphasis on liberty and limited government, music to Tea Partiers’ ears.  The VA Tea Party Patriots Federation had endorsed Corey Stewart but were pleased that their top three candidates ended up being the three final candidates. is a good link for more info on the convention.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Republican Convention Chooses a Winning Team- Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain

  1. From Curtis Nix: The vetting process was an absolute success in every way – all three of our selections made the top 3… And Corey Stewart quickly threw his support to the man most thought unlikely due to all sorts of reasons, steam rolling right over those negatives.. Job well done Tea Party and the Federation, those Republicans that have some Establishment fear of loss of power, well.. that is a good thing, a Very GOOD thing. Praise God for the people and power to them for it was a victory, a Victory I myself had doubts concerning the outcome.. I, Even I am in AWE.. Now going forward, let us move away from doubt, and Fear let it be gone and as David on his death bed told Solomon, “Be Strong, Have Courage, and DO IT!!!”

    Yours in Liberty, Curtis

  2. From Richard Altice, SVTPP President: “I got a FB posting from a friend talking about the resolutions passed at the convention, one of which is the Farm Food Freedom one. I went to the site to be sure to know how to find the information and found other interesting articles of what was going on that we may not have known about. You may know of it, but I just learned of it: Scroll down to the second page to find the Farm Freedom Resolution.”

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