Rescheduled January Meeting, Wed. Jan. 24

at the Natural Resources Building, 100 Dominion Dr., Farmville

at 7 pm

You Can Be a “Citizen Lobbyist” 

At this meeting Cindy Koether will make a presentation about how state government in Richmond works and how the Tea Party IS making a difference.  The Tea Party is making a difference because individual citizens like YOU are involved.  Learn about the Tea Party’s CoLA – Cooperative Legislative Action, and how it brings citizens efforts together to influence the members of the General Assembly.  Learn how to be a citizen lobbyist. And the best part is – you can do all of this right from home!
Come to the meeting to learn more.

It is important to have the information shared at this meeting right away since the General Assembly is already in session and voting.  If you are unable to attend this meeting, you can sign up for Action Alerts HERE.  Instructions to download the great APP for your phone are HERE.