UNFAIR – Exposing the IRS.  Click Here to buy your tickets now to see this film in Lynchburg or Richmond.  For carpooling info to Lynchburg call Daniel Bradshaw at 434 603-1216.
A team of acclaimed filmmakers is spearheading “Unfair”, a ninety minute documentary motion picture intended for all audiences.  It will be the first major theatrical documentary to shed light on the certain damage the Income Tax and the IRS have wrought on our liberties, our businesses, our families, and our religious, charitable and civic organizations, while empowering a political agenda contrary to America’s heritage.
It will tell the stories of betrayal, corruption, intimidation and the harsh personal, economic and political realities of forced compliance upon the American way of life, as well present a unique ending featuring a real solution, not just another scary movie.

One thought on “October 14 – ONE SHOWING, ONE NIGHT!

  1. “If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    “Hold on my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail there will be anarchy throughout the world.”

    Daniel Webster

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