Feb. 15 Meeting – Civil Asset Forfeiture

isis (1)7:00 pm at the Natural Resource Building, next to Lowe’s in Farmville, 100 Dominion Drive..

Special Guest speaker from the Prince Edward Sheriff Dept will talk with us about how Civil Asset Forfeiture is being handled in Prince Edward County.  The General Assembly is considering bills to require criminal conviction before assets are seized from citizens.  Currently no conviction is required!  Some innocent citizens have had their cash, vehicles, etc taken by law enforcement.  Join us to learn more about this important issue and to discuss it with our own law enforcement representative.

“Road to Nowhere” on TV News

We have learned that Channel 8 News out of Richmond will feature an investigative report about the controversial “Farmville’s Road to Nowhere” Monday night, July 8, on the 6 pm news program. The controversy surrounds Prince Edward’s questionable use of funds to build a road that many see as unnecessary and some think was built on the hope that future businesses would develop along the road. Southside Virginia Tea Party Patriots have spoken out against the road at Board of Supervisors meetings and even staged a small demonstration at the grand opening of the road in May.


Dutch Treat Lunch with Rep. Robert Hurt

Robert HurtJoin Robert for lunch and a report of upcoming legislation at Charley’s Waterfront Cafe in Farmville at noon on Monday, July 1.  Here’s your chance to speak with Rep. Hurt and let him know how you feel about important issues such as immigration reform, the IRS scandal, Obama’s green agenda and other issues that are important to you.  Sponsored by Farmville Chamber of Commerce.

SVTPP October 18 Meeting in Farmville – 7 pm

The October meeting will be held in Farmville at the Farmville-PE Community Library at 7 pm on October 18.  The focus of the meeting will be Get Out The Vote efforts going on in our area by Republican groups as well as by We rVirginia, an independent group doing Door to Door operations all over Virginia.

The guest speaker for the meeting will be Dr. Robb Koether from Hampden-Sydney College who will present a program on how Conservatives and Liberals differ in their thinking and in making moral decisions.  He will use the book, The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haigt as the basis of his remarks.

Visitors are welcome at this free and public event.

April 19 Meeting with Gen. William Boykin

Gen. William Boykin will be our guest speaker at our April 19 at 7 pm in the historic Charlotte County Courthouse on Legrande Ave.  His presentation will be on “Marxism in America.”  Gen. Boykin is a true American hero with many years service on the battlefield and in the highest levels of the Defense Department.  You will want to come and hear what he has to say about what is happening in our country NOW.  Gen. Boykin is a frequent guest on Fox News and has YouTube videos on various topics.  Check it out for yourself.  Click here April 19 meeting flier to open and print a flier about this event and print some copies to share.